Chapter 33. Regression Tests

Table of Contents

33.1. Running the Tests
33.1.1. Running the Tests Against a Temporary Installation
33.1.2. Running the Tests Against an Existing Installation
33.1.3. Additional Test Suites
33.1.4. Locale and Encoding
33.1.5. Extra Tests
33.1.6. Testing Hot Standby
33.2. Test Evaluation
33.2.1. Error Message Differences
33.2.2. Locale Differences
33.2.3. Date and Time Differences
33.2.4. Floating-Point Differences
33.2.5. Row Ordering Differences
33.2.6. Insufficient Stack Depth
33.2.7. The random Test
33.2.8. Configuration Parameters
33.3. Variant Comparison Files
33.4. TAP Tests
33.5. Test Coverage Examination

The regression tests are a comprehensive set of tests for the SQL implementation in PostgreSQL. They test standard SQL operations as well as the extended capabilities of PostgreSQL.